Cllr Paul Hopfensperger

Making a difference for YOU, one day at a time...

Paul Hopfensperger (aka "Hoffy") is and has always been devoted to the people who elect him. He believes that’s what being a Politician is all about. Having served his apprenticeship as a Vice Chairman of a political party and becoming Bury St Edmunds Town Councillor for Eastgate Ward in 2003 then Suffolk County Councillor for Tower Division in 2005, he decided to become an Independent Councillor (i.e. not affiliated to any political party) after being told by the party to vote to close down Middle Schools on his Division "or else", despite 18,000 people asking him not to. That was not Paul's idea of representing the people who elected him!

Paul is currently an Independent West Suffolk Councillor on the western side of Bury St Edmunds, having also served the area on the Bury St Edmunds Town Council and the former St Edmundsbury Borough Council. He was Deputy Mayor of Bury St Edmunds in 2005-2006 and 2019-2020.


It’s Paul's intense dedication, passion, and devotion to represent the people, that fuels Paul's fight for change. Explore his site to learn more about the issues that Paul is concerned with and his plans to tackle the problems faced by his constituents on a daily basis.



"Paul is a one man power house. His English Channel Swim talk that he gives is fantastic, one could say why does he do it? Like a mountain climber because it is there to be done. He has raised a huge amount for charity by his swims, at a huge cost to himself! As a Bury St Edmunds Round Tabler he achieved everything he set out to do, as a committed public servant there are not many more challenges for him to achieve. In any case there are only 24 hours in each day! He gave his Cross channel talk to our Probus Club, us old retired men were spell bound but thought he must be slightly mad!"

Nicholas Challacombe, Bury St Edmunds.